[linux-dvb] Request/Offer regarding dvb-s scanner.

VDR User user.vdr at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 23:18:45 CEST 2007

I'm posting this on behalf of many North American dvb-s users...

Greetings.  For many years now we've been using dvbscan or an app
called Nscan (written by Z`) for scanning NA satellites, both of which
being problematic.  Briefly, dvbscan has proven for many people to be
very unreliable when it comes to diseqc switching, requires a list of
transponders rather then grabbing the list from the sat when supplied
with a single valid transponder, takes abnormally long to complete,
and often times doesn't even complete at all or produces a bad or
incomplete channel list.  Nscan was a blessing when it came along
because it scanned much much faster, was far more realiable, supported
dishpro switches (which are easy to support and commonly used by NA
users), but unfortunately still has bugs which put the app into
endless loops or makes it ignore entire chunks of data.

Nscan has not been maintained by its author in about 2 years with no
plans or change in sight.  In this time I've spoken with a couple of
the dvb developers in hopes that the scanner provided in dvb-apps
could be finally updated but unfortunately those attempts have been
unsuccessful with no promising signs of change.

Myself and several other NA users aren't sure how exactly to get this
problem solved once and for all but the next thing to try is to
actually pool money together and offer it as a paying project.  We're
naturally coming to you guys, the dvb developers, first since you are
most familiar with dvb related things..

If anyone is interested, a group of us would like to offer to pay cash
for someone to write a new dvb-s scanner from the ground up, which
will resolve the NA issues once and for all.  From my understanding
this shouldn't be too difficult for anyone familiar with the dvb
libraries and how to use them.

I appreciate everyone who took the time to read this and give it some
consideration!  If you're interested, please reply here or email me

Many thanks!

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