[linux-dvb] DiB0700 device support

Jonas Anden jonas at anden.nu
Sun Aug 12 23:34:45 CEST 2007

> > I'll try to test it also. Is there any possibility that this patch
> > gets included into main HG repository? 
> I guess we will have to wait until Patrick comes back from his vacation.

I would *not* recommend committing the patch to the HG repo.

I consider it an ugly fix that doesn't take care of the root of the
problem. The patch simply avoids sending kernel printk()s for repeated
unknown key codes. The actual root of the problem is that these unknown
key codes *are* repeated. I suspect a bug in the firmware is causing all
these repeated key codes, but that's just a wild guess.

Bottom line: The patch doesn't do any harm, but it does nothing to solve
the actual problem. Apply it to avoid "high" load on syslog and ugly log
messages until the actual problem is fixed, but don't commit it to the
HG repo.

  // J

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