[linux-dvb] source example for non-pci/non-usb dvb card

Steven Toth stoth at hauppauge.com
Mon Aug 13 16:24:18 CEST 2007

Gery wrote:
> i have another proprietary bus for it.
> timecop wrote:
>> How do you plan to send the actual mpeg transport stream? I2C isn't
>> exactly fast.
>> On 8/14/07, Gery <gxkahn at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> i am trying to implement dvb-s card which uses only i2c and neither based pci,
>>> nor usb. To make it clear it is based on proprietary bus, where only management
>>> by i2c.
>>> is there an example of such card in dvb or other open source project?
>>> _______________________________________________
You need to have you proprietary bus supported by the kernel in whatever 
form. You might get better answers if you start by describing your 
custom bus and how the CPU interacts with it.

- Steve

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