[linux-dvb] SAA7160/2

ldvb at ns.bog.msu.ru ldvb at ns.bog.msu.ru
Wed Aug 15 15:08:56 CEST 2007

On Wed, 1 Aug 2007, Manu Abraham wrote:

> ie, i need to provide them information that there is some significant
> numbers in the user base.
> Additionally, vendors such as Azurewave are ready to help us as well,
> in whatever way they can.
> Any ideas, how we can show user support in terms of a future business
> case ? Comments appreciated.
I have 4 cards, but no windoze.
if it were $30 - forget it. but it was over $400.
I can participate in driver writing, if there is a time and docs for that.
but I've got 4 cards over a year ago, and in my plans was getting them 
work under my linux boxes, according to the site announce, that there is a 
driver for linux. so, I've spent my $400, my time while struggling for any 
answer from that Filipz and NXP, with continous cross-sending me to each 
other (via phone too; local representative), rather when I was able to 
subscribe the ND... it sux some times...

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