[linux-dvb] Suspend/Resume support for budget-av

Oliver Endriss o.endriss at gmx.de
Fri Aug 17 03:05:31 CEST 2007

Marko Ristola wrote:
> I did for the Mantis branch a working solution for mem and disk cases.
> I haven't tested standby yet, but I think that it should be easy to
> extend if it doesn't work yet.
> I used linux/Documentation/power/*.txt while 
> trying to understand how to implement suspend/resume.
> On my opinion, the easiest way to make standby+mem+disk work, is to 
> implement suspend() so, that you
> assume that you might lose the power if the source transition is D0.
> If the source transition state is another one, you just turn some power 
> off, but don't touch
> the saved state that resume() needs.
> (My implementation doesn't handle source transition at all now, because 
> of my limited time.)
> Then you must implement resume() so, that it assumes, that you are 
> recovering from a power loss.
> You might try to optimize resume() by checking from the device or from 
> some previous kernel state,
> whether the device has actually lost it's power or not.
> My Mantis suspend/resume altered too many files, and thus it isn't final 
> yet,
> but it is a working although not perfect version.
> In Linux code, there is a more simple PCI suspend/resume implementation 
> in linux/drivers/pci/pci-driver.c.
> pci_device_suspend(): this does a very simple and basic PCI suspend 
> operation.
> pci_default_resume(): this does a very simple and basic PCI resume 
> operation.
> So I will try to learn from them some day to lessen changes in mantis_pci.c.
> My personal idea for the responsibilities is that:
> pci_save_state() and pci_restore_state() and other function calls found 
> in pci-driver.c
> will handle saving and restoring PCI state, although I absolute must 
> copy them into mantis_pci.c.
> Then on resume, I have to restore non-pci states, I mean those that 
> aren't restored by
> pci_restore_state(), pci_set_master() and such. In Mantis there is 
> according to Manu at least
> tuner power setting and retuning. I don't know the working and optimally 
> small solution yet that
> Manu requires: there is still testing to be done for me in Mantis.
> With a very small understanding, I have been able to implement a working 
> patch though.
> So I'd suggest for you to check out drivers/pci/pci-driver.c first to 
> implement similar PCI
> functionality into budget-av. That might fix S2MEM and S2DISK. Or then 
> there is still something
> more that has to be done.
> With my implementation I can use Kaffeine so, that after S2DISK, 
> Kaffeine will continue showing
> the channel that it showed before. Kaffeine doesn't have to retune or 
> restart DMA transfer.
> So only some frames were lost.
> Kaffeine didn't work properly with USB based sound output, and thus I needed
> motherboard internal sound output for the tests.

Thanks for your response.

Meanwhile I had a look at Documentation/power and did more tests.

For a proper suspend/restore implementation there is much more to be
done. The state of the saa7146 must be saved/restored, which requires
more than a few hours of work (and testing!). I put it on my todo list.

Is there any way to find out the power state the system tries to enter

For now, I could add support for standby mode and deny any attempt to
enter mem or disk supend mode. Better than nothing...


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