[linux-dvb] Informations/Problems about Asus P7131 Hybrid

Paolo Dell'Aquila paoloyes at tin.it
Fri Aug 17 18:15:00 CEST 2007

hermann pitton wrote:

> No need to upgrade, since you have already updated to recent v4l-dvb
> code. You might try the attached patch, which sets the other atenna
> input during digital usage and check if DVB-T reception
> is /unchanged/better/worse.

I've tried your patch for 6/7 hours.
It works great: now I can watch DVB-T and analog TV with the same 
antenna plugged in the same connector.

Thank you!

And I also can correctly receive fm-radio!!!

About quality of the DVB-T, IMHO, it's the same if I plug the antenna to 
one connector or to the other one.

I'm still having some channels with "block" problems. I don't know the 
real name for this problem, so I'm attaching a screenshot to this message.

The same channels watched with the pinnacle hybrid stick gave me no 
problems (or near no problems, I can have same sound "scratches" every 3 
or 4 minutes).

Thanks again for your support.


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