[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Userspace tuner

Dâniel Fraga fragabr at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 22:50:14 CEST 2007

On Fri, 17 Aug 2007 11:15:21 -0400
CityK <CityK at rogers.com> wrote:

> While supporting most devices is an admirable goal (and one which I
> certainly subscribe to) , what makes you think that pushing something
> through just for the sake of supporting it is the right course of
> action?  Does "Linux" really want that?   Perhaps you're projecting
> your own vision/aspirations of what Linux should be. 
> Alternatively, one might ask what's wrong with not supporting devices?
> But the even better question is: why wasn't something done?

	Well... if I was a developer, I would knew why I'm doing this.
And I would accept the challenge ("Man who plays golf in rain get wet
balls"). So, developing drivers isn't just write code, but to interact
with users and see what's their problems. We, the users, depend on you,
the developers.

	And Linux just make sense if it support the hardware the users
have. Otherwise, people are unable to use Linux completely.

> Why would a device be obsolete?  Why would no one still be using it?

	For example, in version 2.6.17, I was amazed by the fact that
there's support for an old and completely obsolete adlib FM card:


	And I ask: who in this world will be using such an old card?
It's worth the effort?

	Now, we have the cx88 chips, successor of the bt87x chips...
and it isn't supported completely yet. When it's finally supported,
maybe it will be obsolete as an adlib fm card is today. So there's a
time limit to develop a driver. If you take too long, it's better to
dedicate on another kind of hardware...

> If you're an end user who is not satisfied with the pace of the bread
> line, then drop out and learn to mill your own.  And consider giving
> some of that home baked bread back to those very same bureaucrats whom
> you are grumbling about.  After all, they've been handing out free
> bread for a while now for nothing in return.

	Well, a few months ago, I had suggested we organize funds on
fundable.org to raise money for a specific driver or whatever.

	BUT... if you do for fun and do not expect a financial return,
then you couldn't complain. If you do expect a financial return, then I
think you shouldn't do it, because it's the way it works (unless
someone decides to donate some money to you).

	If I was a Linux developer, I would do knowing that I won't get
any money back and I would do it knowing that it's the way it always
used to be.

> Why? What's the rush?  Is there a race on? 

	I think there's a race between Linux and Windows. If you don't
support the hardware people are using, they will go back to Windows...
or give up on Linux (not me of course, I use Linux for about 10 years
and I can live with the lack of support on some hardware, but most of
users don't). If it isn't a problem, ok, but I think that Linux will
lose many users on the multimedia front. 

> Why does it need more code? 

	Because just code solves people's problems.

> Development at all costs?  Just do it? Damn the ramifications, full
> stream ahead?
> There's a purpose to discussion. If the discussion itself isn't
> purposeful, well ....

	Well, anyway I don't want to start a flamewar. I just want to
express my opinion. I respect your opinion, but I really insist on the
point that there's some parts of Linux where the development is too
slow. I know you won't agree with me, but it's ok.


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