[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Userspace tuner

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Sat Aug 18 14:37:34 CEST 2007

Markus Rechberger wrote:
> anyway it's history; we shouldn't waste more time on discussing what
> happened 


However, you have continued to do so, and in an inflammatory fashion --
and that is just not going to escape attention.  As I've indicated to
you earlier -- if the issue is truly at an end, then let it go and stop
with the insults/parting shots etc. (like as just witnessed in your last

> exactly this is and was not acceptable for me.
> that code was almost exactly what I've been told after the second
> approach (the mail you quoted over there). I've been told to not do it
> like that at the beginning after I submitted the first code and
> finally after wasting weeks of rewriting and rebasing more code on
> that I'm getting told to move the code back where it was at the very
> first beginning? Back then I moreover had the feeling I'm getting
> pushed around by clueless people (and it definitelly was like that),
> everyone dreamed about his own ideas.
> This is the reason why relying on linuxtv is very bad. Sometimes
> clueless people try to guide people who are looking for a solution,
> although the people who back then had no clue at the beginning also
> improved their knowledge as everyone did. 

a) So support for the xc3028 etc etc stuff wasn't added at the beginning
of the summer because someone had made a mistake and, instead of
accepting that at face value, you deemed the entire situation completely
unacceptable, left LinuxTV, and proceeded to make the same group of end
users  (whose sympathies you keep angling towards)  wait several months
more for a general solution?

That sounds significantly different from what you stated earlier:
> The reason is that the linuxtv project depends on people who have
> their own ideas and do not care about other solutions or temporary
> solutions to get things done,

or (vindictively) here: 

Are you sure that you're earlier comment shouldn't have been:

"The reason is that the xc3028 etc depended upon Markus who had his own
ideas and did not care about other solutions or temporary solutions to
get things done. "

b) The inefficiencies that you have described above are rampant in
corporate environments.  Only there, when you pick up your ball and go
home because circumstances no longer suit your fancy you no longer get
that paycheck.

> I still have logs where I
> asked those people if there's any solution available logs from the
> very first beginning where everything was peaceful.  

Then call them out on this.  Name names.  Bring some closure to this. 
Harbouring resentments isn't going to resolve anything.  Neither is
continually stating something along the lines of "oh, its history, lets
not discuss this any more" and then go turning around to call people
clueless, etc etc at the next opportunity that avails itself to you. 
Obviously its not over for you, or you'd let it go.  Bring it out in the
open -- no private message, no personal emails.  Let everyone have
access to the same discussion.  Air your complaints. 

> This is the reason why relying on linuxtv is very bad
> ....
> The userspace tuners allows developers to add tuners independently of
> linuxtv and manage them by themself if they don't want to submit them
> officially, also it opens the possibility that people can do whatever
> _they_ want in userspace adding more features and taking the advantage
> of the userspace environment. It will avoid discussions with people
> who might misguide them (this also happened with me when I first tried
> to discuss some issues - I enjoyed Johannes statement once which was
> something like "this would mean that the work gets manipulated").

So, what exactly is good about LinuxTV?  Everyone seems to be a real
expert on what's shitty around here.  So what's good?  Feel free to
continue this part in the other thread (which you created --
http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2007-August/019929.html ---
which I agree is more suited for such conversation, and to leave this
one for technical discussion....although I must add that I hope that
your "please stop hijacking the userspace tuner thread" remark applies
equally to the supportive, yet non-technical comments you receive on
your Userspace tuner.

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