[linux-dvb] Remote control handling results in failure to shutdown

Stephen Williams stephen.gw at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 11:39:31 CEST 2007

Attempting to shut the system down (e.g. 'poweroff') does everything,
including turning the light on the front system off, but never quite
fully powers the machine off. I have to hold the power button down for
about 5 seconds to actually properly turn it off.

This behavior has been observed by myself and others with an Intel Mac Mini.

I was originally seeing this issue with a Cinergy T2 device but have
now also witnessed it with an MSI Mega Sky 580 and a Pinnacle PCTV
Diversity (note, all of these are USB devices).

The source if the problem was only revealed by the PCTV Diversity
driver, on failed shutdowns following the usual:

   Sending all processes the TERM signal
   Sending all processes the KILL signal

I receive a stream of the following message:

   stk7700d:RC Query Failed

Commenting the remote control handling out of the PCTV Diversity
driver has 'solved' the shutdown problems, shutdown is now 100%

Any suggestions as to the root cause of this issue or a 'solution'
other than manually removing RC handling from the drivers would be
greatly appreciated.


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