[linux-dvb] USB/Firewire/PCMCIA DVB-T and MPEG-4

Håkon Strandenes haakon at seilforening.no
Sun Aug 19 15:19:11 CEST 2007

I have a laptop and want to receive DVB-T television. In Norway, we use
MPEG-4 instead of MPEG-2, much like in France (if i have understood it

Because it's a laptop, PCI card is not an option. The laptop is an Acer
Travelmate 3000, with an 1,73 GHz Pentium M CPU, 2 GB RAM and 100 GB
7200 RPM HDD. I use Ubuntu 7.04 at the moment.

What DVB-T card should I buy for use in Norway? I would prefer to have
hardware MPEG-4 decoding, but that is perhaps a bit difficult?

Best regards,
Håkon Strandenes

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