[linux-dvb] [PATCH] saa7134: add DVB-T support for Avermedia Super 007

hermann pitton hermann-pitton at arcor.de
Mon Aug 20 02:03:47 CEST 2007

Am Sonntag, den 19.08.2007, 23:39 +0200 schrieb hermann pitton:
> Hi,
> quick patches are always fine :)
> Am Sonntag, den 19.08.2007, 19:56 +0200 schrieb bobbens at gmail.com:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > After getting my card working I decided to hack up a patch to get
> > autodetection working.  With mkrufky's guidance I was able to make a
> > patch he had few complaints of which I now include here.
> This suggests somehow that Mike is fine with what you have so far.
> I don't believe that.
> We should not add new cards these days just by doing some code
> duplication with the first working testing case on saa7134-dvb.
> (card=109)
> Also this one should not be in the Philips Tigers eeprom detection IMHO.
> We should know too, if it really has a LNA. The first guess working is
> no equivalent for removing the tuner shielding. At least a test with
> config=0 should be done. Else we might stay in the dark, when more
> assured hardware knowledge is needed in the future.
> Mike please take over/comment.

The pop3 of my mail provider is in delay. (copy/paste)

> Hermann,
> I showed him how to make a patch and suggested that he send it in to the mailing
> list for exactly this reason -- because I am not familiar with all the
> intricacies of the various saa7134 cards.  I had some issues with his original
> patch, and I gave him some critique.  I would not commit the patch for him even
> then, because I figured that some other eyes might see other issues.  Yours, for
> example.
> He did not simply duplicate the code -- his card has the tuner on a different
> i2c address.  What do you suggest that he do instead?

Mike, kick me, for not thinking twice. Of course this was it all about!
And as long there is no tuner address detection on DVB-T, we need the
new config. Started with this Twinhan saa713x, followed by the CTX953
and also this new Avermedia hybrid now. Hard these days to ack new
hardware without having it, but yes, this one needs a new config
currently in saa7134-dvb.

> His card seems to be dvb-t only, he claims no analog support, but I have trouble
> believing that, given that it uses a tda8275 tuner and a saa7131 bridge -- this
> bridge has a tda8290 spliced into it.  For sure the card must support analog tv,
> but he says there is no radio input, no svideo input and no composite input.

Think we saw the new variant without DVB-T support already on the
video4linux-list. Analog video was working with the Avermedia Go 007
entry, no analog audio support, radio likely needs to be changed to amux
TV, but with these new DVB-T variants, how to get analog initialization
seems not to be clear yet.

> Feel free to make any suggestions, I will not commit any patch if people disagree.

Should be added to DVB-T just now, but the existence of the LNA should
also be tested with config=0, if this makes any difference. On a good
photo, the LNA should also become visible, since this one has no
shielding ... The remote looks like on the other Aver/initial_Medion
stuff, but can't identify the usual controller on the fuzzy pictures.

If we have on the v4l-wiki and in comments, what is not yet supported,
we better move them in. To wait until _everything_ is perfect seems no
solution either. On the saa7133/35/31e only dual language support is
missing, Soeren gets hangs after 5 days, still could be a bug ...

The driver is not clever enough for cardbus power handling and advanced
suspend modes, but else really not bad. Any help is welcome!

If we get trouble, we can at least share it.


Acked-by: Hermann Pitton <hermann-pitton at arcor.de>  

> > This should get the DIGITAL part of the AVerMedia AVerTV DVB-T Super
> > 007, as noted in the patch ANALOG isn't working.  I do not have windows
> > installed and live in a pure linux environment (with bits of *BSD here
> > and there).  I'll try to see what I can do with a bit of testing, trying
> > some values for other cards (and hopefully not burning out mine).  If
> > anyone has windows and this card, please do it instead.
> > 
> > Haven't tested remote either, will get to that also soon.
> > 
> > -bobbens

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