[linux-dvb] documentation for tuner / frontend api

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Wed Aug 22 14:47:10 CEST 2007

MikeW wrote:
> Thanks Michael.
> I for one would very much appreciate a document detailing the
> implementation requirements for new drivers, and the necessary
> interconnections between tuner/demod/demux modules.
> The existing codebase has apparent duplication, redundancies and
> maybe obsolete/deprecated bits that make a 'clean sheet' implementation
> difficult to realise from a reverse-engineered view of existing drivers.
> Such a canonical driver doc would also help new drivers to better conform
> to standards thus easing maintenance and upgrades and assisting code reuse.


In the future, please create a new thread if you plan to change the nature of
the discussion.  I have changed the subject of this email accordingly.

I'll think about writing such a document after the refactoring process is
complete.  However, I really don't think such a document is necessary.  The
dvb_frontend internal API is rather self-explanatory.  Please see dvb_frontend.h

In the meanwhile, just look at the current drivers -- it is not difficult to
figure out how they work.  There is no such documentation for how to create a
dvb driver, and the documentation for "how to create a v4l2 driver" is not as
helpful as one would like.

The beauty of the code in linux-dvb is that it is self-documenting.  If you hit
a roadblock, you have resources at your disposal, such as the linux-dvb mailing
list, the irc channel, and google.

If you have specific questions, you should feel free to ask them, and if you
spend time working on a new driver, and worry that there might be something
wrong with its implementation, such problems will be made clear during the peer
review process.



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