[linux-dvb] DVB-T Full Spectrum Frequencies Scan

Frederic CAND frederic.cand at anevia.com
Wed Aug 22 16:57:33 CEST 2007

Hi everyone,

I'm having some troubles trying to perform a dvb-t frequencies scan 
without a scan file.
Does anyone know if a software (or even an algorithm i could write in C) 
exist to do so ?
My idea was to scan frequencies using all combinations of DTT 
parameters. This is a first problem because it makes a lot of 
possibilities. The second problem is that I don't know on which 
frequency I should start my scanning, nor the step to use between to 

I thought to parse the Terrestrial Delivery System descriptor in the 
NIT, but it appears that some countries do not fill correctly this 
descriptor (particularly the "Frequency" field). So it's useless.

I'm looking for a universal method that do not need a scan file to be 
specified to automate everything. As STBs can do that i though that we 
could do that programatically.

If anyone has a clue, please help :'(

CAND Frederic
Product Manager

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