[linux-dvb] DVB Hardware question

P. van Gaans w3ird_n3rd at gmx.net
Thu Aug 23 21:33:42 CEST 2007

On 08/23/2007 12:26 PM, Sid Boyce wrote:
> Yesterday I was asked a question about DVB cards, "Are there different 
> cards needed for PAL and NTSC?", my friend wanted to know if he bought a 
> PC with a DVB card in the UK (PAL-I), whether the card would work in the 
> I told him a different tuner is needed. Am I correct or is it dependent 
> on  the manufacturer? What about DVB-S cards, would they be dependent on 
> the transponder frequencies of available satellites?
> Suggested cards and any pertinent info.
> Thanks and Regards
> Sid.

NTSC or PAL doesn't matter. Any DVB-T/S/C card from Europe can perfectly 
show PAL, NTSC, HDTV (MPEG2/h.264) or pretty much any other format as 
long as an (MPEG) decoder for the given format is available.

In case of analog TV cards, most TV cards today support PAL, NTSC and 
SECAM all in one card. These can be used worldwide.

The DVB-T/S/C cards will often not work in the USA. Not because of 
PAL/NTSC, but because the USA often uses ATSC. Check up with your local 
provider to find out if they use DVB or ATSC.

I don't mind helping you, I only wonder why you post this to this list, 
because what does this have to do with Linux..

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