[linux-dvb] DVB Hardware question

hermann pitton hermann-pitton at arcor.de
Fri Aug 24 04:04:36 CEST 2007

Am Donnerstag, den 23.08.2007, 22:35 +0100 schrieb Sid Boyce:
> P. van Gaans wrote:
> > On 08/23/2007 12:26 PM, Sid Boyce wrote:
> >> Yesterday I was asked a question about DVB cards, "Are there different 
> >> cards needed for PAL and NTSC?", my friend wanted to know if he bought 
> >> a PC with a DVB card in the UK (PAL-I), whether the card would work in 
> >> the USA (NTSC).
> >> I told him a different tuner is needed. Am I correct or is it 
> >> dependent on  the manufacturer? What about DVB-S cards, would they be 
> >> dependent on the transponder frequencies of available satellites?
> >> Suggested cards and any pertinent info.
> >> Thanks and Regards
> >> Sid.
> > 
> > NTSC or PAL doesn't matter. Any DVB-T/S/C card from Europe can perfectly 
> > show PAL, NTSC, HDTV (MPEG2/h.264) or pretty much any other format as 
> > long as an (MPEG) decoder for the given format is available.
> > 
> > In case of analog TV cards, most TV cards today support PAL, NTSC and 
> > SECAM all in one card. These can be used worldwide.
> > 
> > The DVB-T/S/C cards will often not work in the USA. Not because of 
> > PAL/NTSC, but because the USA often uses ATSC. Check up with your local 
> > provider to find out if they use DVB or ATSC.
> > 
> Thanks, I'll make further enquiries. I've learned something new, so now 
> I can read up on ATSC.
> > I don't mind helping you, I only wonder why you post this to this list, 
> > because what does this have to do with Linux..
> > 
> > 
> Much, as I have given up on providing help on any issue to do with 
> Windows. I only install, configure and provide help on Linux - I have 
> quite a few people running Linux as their sole OS, even one 79 year old 
> and one 68 year old, both new to computers and happily using Linux.
> Regards
> Sid.

/me, I, do confirm that Sid has done a _lot_ and was always helpful.

It is a bad joke to bring him down on his ages, and compared to others,
he will _always_ have three more questions for free.


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