[linux-dvb] DSM-CC questions

Manoj M uphillvoip at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 17:19:30 CEST 2007

Please let me know if someone provide some direction here to use DSM-CC.

Following is what I am trying to do and looking for answers. Please direct
me to the right place/mailing list to keep me up and running with DSM-CC. I
am relatively new to DSM-CC tools.

My Goal: I am trying to build a IP based data transmission (carousel) to
STBs. ex: distribute configuration files, programming guide components etc.
This is intended to be used in a major IPTV network in the US

Following is the information I am looking for -----

1) Is DSM-CC tool kit that is on

is MPEG2 based only? - How easy is to change the code to transmit the object
carousel without MPEG-2.
2) Do I have to use DSM-CC User-to-User based tool kit if I just need data
over TCP/IP (not MPEG-2 TS) or broadband (without MPEG-2) to meet my goals
above.  Is there a separate tool kit for this?
3) Is there a DSM-CC client tool available?
4) Is any kind of metering (data/bandwidth) tool availabe in LinuxTV open
source for the DSMCC carousels?

5) How do I get basic step by step instruction to create a object carousel
and extracting it. I could succefully compile and create the binaries.
Unfortunately example.tgz do not have any source code or binaries.

Thank you very much
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