[linux-dvb] DSM-CC questions

Andrea Venturi a.venturi at cineca.it
Fri Aug 24 22:40:18 CEST 2007


Manoj M wrote:
> Please let me know if someone provide some direction here to use DSM-CC.
> Following is what I am trying to do and looking for answers. Please
> direct me to the right place/mailing list to keep me up and running with
> DSM- CC. I am relatively new to DSM-CC tools.
> My Goal: I am trying to build a IP based data transmission (carousel) to
> STBs. ex: distribute configuration files, programming guide components
> etc. This is intended to be used in a major IPTV network in the US

so, if i get it right, you are trying to "push" informations on a
multicast IP network to many remote STB.

DSM-CC carousels could be a way, but there are also native datacasting
protocols over ip like Flute (see Mad http://www.atm.tut.fi/mad/ )

the choice could be easier if you already know which kind of middleware
you are running on the STB!

> Following is the information I am looking for -----
> 1) Is DSM-CC tool kit that is on 
> http://www.linuxtv.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/linux-dvb
> <http://www.linuxtv.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/linux-dvb>
> is MPEG2 based only? - How easy is to change the code to transmit the
> object carousel without MPEG-2.

i don't know why you are so against MPEG2 TRANSPORT STREAMs..

DSM-CC carousels are based on MPEG2 transport stream container
technology (ISO 13818-1) and it's a container doing well on many
different media, today (broadcast, tapes HDV, optical discs BluRay etc..)

i hope you are not thinking MPEG2 just as a video codec technology!

> 2) Do I have to use DSM-CC User-to-User based tool kit if I just need
> data over TCP/IP (not MPEG-2 TS) or broadband (without MPEG-2) to meet
> my goals above.  Is there a separate tool kit for this?

i don't really understand this question.. maybe i'm not so fond on the
technicalities of DSM-CC but i think these are the steps to get to
broadcast info with DSM-CC

1. a filesystem
2. some modules
3. many sections
4. many more ts packets (with PIDs and so on..)

at least this is how it works our free and open carousel server JustDvb-It!


you can get it freely (with source and livecd) here:


> 3) Is there a DSM-CC client tool available?

you can use red-button


> 4) Is any kind of metering (data/bandwidth) tool availabe in LinuxTV
> open source for the DSMCC carousels?

i don't know. what are you trying to achieve?

> 5) How do I get basic step by step instruction to create a object
> carousel and extracting it. I could succefully compile and create the
> binaries. Unfortunately example.tgz do not have any source code or
> binaries.

you can try our livecd but you'll need a DVB-T modulator card like
dektec. if you want to use it on a multicast IP network you need to
"modify" a little the scripts. but it depends on the kind of STB you
need to feed..


andrea venturi

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