[linux-dvb] modprobe mantis stalls/hangs/freezes (Twinhan VP-1034 and ivtv)

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 19:48:36 CEST 2007

Michel Verbraak wrote:
> I have a Twinhan VP-1034 and I use the the latest hg, today, and 
> http://jusst.de/manu/mantis-v4l-dvb.tar.bz2 with kernel
> When I do a 'modprobe mantis' my prompt never returns. The machine still 
> is working.


> Address=[0x25] <W>[ 00 <3>mantis_ack_wait (0): Waiting for Slave RACK
> Aug 25 17:53:33 recorder kernel: mantis_ack_wait (0): Waiting for Slave RACK
> Aug 25 17:53:42 recorder last message repeated 499 times
> Aug 25 17:53:42 recorder kernel: mantis_ack_wait (0): Slave RACK Fail !
> Aug 25 17:53:42 recorder kernel: mantis_i2c_write (0): ACK failed<W>
> I must say I also have a Hauppauge PVR-150 and a PVR-350 in this 
> machine, using ivtv from hg, and when I remove both I do not have this 
> problem. The modules load without any problems.

with ivtv modules loaded somebody else mentioned of issues with regards
to DMA transfers on the 878 based cards. I don't really understand why
ivtv modules causes those problems. (IIRC it was Sigmund, i think)

> If more verbose messages are needed from othe modules please let me 
> know. I do not have this problem with kernel versions 2.6.20 and below. 
> Something changed in 2.6.21 and I do not know what.

Without any any driver loaded for the ivtv hardware, do you still
experience the same problems ?

Is the ivtv hardware sharing interrupts with the Mantis ? My guess would
be that the ivtv drivers grab a lot of IRQ time on the CPU leaving
little shared IRQ time for other devices. Can you verify this ?

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