[linux-dvb] Problem with dvbnet on Ubuntu

Christian Praehauser cpraehaus at cosy.sbg.ac.at
Mon Aug 27 12:02:55 CEST 2007

Michael Harpe wrote:
> I have a new PCI Technisat DVB card installed and it seems to work fine. 
> I am working on receiving a datacast from our local PBS station. 
> dvbsnoop sees the traffic on the right PID (8099) and dvbstream sends it 
> back out fine.
> I would like to use the dvbnet-created interface. I create the interface 
> with dvbnet, give it an IP address, put it in promiscuous mode and no 
> packets tick. I don't see any traffic out this interface. This stream is 
> an IP stream being sent in IEC38016? format.

What protocol should this be?

V4L DVB supports the following IP/DVB protocols:
* Multiprotocol Encapsulation (MPE), defined in ETSI EN 301 192
* Unidirectional Lightweight Encapsulation (ULE), defined in RFC4326


> My distro is Ubuntu 7.0.4 aka Feisty Fawn.
> Thanks!
> Mike Harpe, N4PLE
> Sellersburg, IN
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