[linux-dvb] HVR-3000: fixed by downgrading kernel, any ~stoth/hvr3000 patches for >2.6.18 kernels?

Steven Toth stoth at hauppauge.com
Mon Aug 27 15:03:02 CEST 2007

Emilio Castellano wrote:
> Philip Pemberton wrote:
>> Well, it looks like either the kernel (stock FC6 2.6.20) or the driver itself 
>> is broken. Reverting to 2.6.18 (with minor patches to the r8169 Ethernet 
>> driver source) and installing Steve Toth's hvr3000 driver has enabled most of 
>> the card's features. The analogue TV tuner isn't working properly (but that 
>> might be a MythTV thing) but DVB-T works fine. I'm off to test DVB-S in a few 
>> minutes.
>> To get this working, I've had to build a 2.6.18 kernel for Mythdora 4, 
>> reinstall the ATI Fglrx drivers (from the ATI package, not an RPM), rebuild 
>> LIRC, and rebuild IVTV. Actually, scrub that last part, I still haven't 
>> managed to rebuild the IVTV RPM from the AtRPMs source. But the rest of it 
>> seems to work...
>> Does anyone know if any *working* patches exist to get Steve Toth's HVR-3000 
>> driver (currently in hg under ~stoth/hvr3000) working on newer kernels? I got 
>> it to compile fairly well, it just didn't do much after it was compiled...

No, they don't exist.

>> Thanks.
> The best bet is to compile steven's branch (~stoth/hvr3000) with vanilla 
> kernel 2.6.18. Changes introduced in this branch include support for 
> multiple exclusive frontends on a single bus, it's somehow experimental 
> and it will need several changes prior to include in the main branch.
> Analog works ok, DVB-T ok, DVB-S working with some troubles with diseq.
Correct. I have no immediate plans to bring the multi-frontend patches 
beyond 2.6.18. If /When tuner refactoring and multiproto projects are 
accepted and merged then I'll think again.

- Steve

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