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Wed Aug 29 02:32:41 CEST 2007

would match as a relevant candidate for the frontend. With regards to
the frontend what we mean by SYNC is Viterbi Sync.

With regards to ASI, there isn't any Viterbi decoder but just a 8B/10B
decoder as found in some NIC's

The 204/188 packet size would be a better candidate for the demuxer as
far as i can think, but this the user need not intervene (similar to
current DMA implementations on the PCI DVB cards we have)

This is the basic idea that i got after going through the specs.

Basically, i think an ASI device implementation should be quite simple,
"maybe" even a dummy frontend would do, if not for the BER statistics.

Maybe Ralph can chime in his inputs to this as he has worked with an ASI
device at some point of time.


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