[linux-dvb] Problem with Afatech 9016 device in "Typhoon Movie Stick"

Antti Palosaari crope at iki.fi
Sat Dec 1 15:08:21 CET 2007

Thorsten Jordan wrote:
> i have bought a "Typhoon Movie Stick" that is sold with different
> hardware in it. I got one with Afatech 9016 device (USB id 15a4:9016),
> which i got partly to work with the driver from afatech itself (the one
> that comes with patched linux-dvb-tree).
> The problem: the chip tunes to a frequency, but snr is zero, biterror
> rate astronomical high. Does anyone know such behaviour - or is it
> likely a hardware fault?

Driver you are using does not implement snr or ber reporting.

> I would need to install windows to check the latter.

no need

> I read that one of you is trying to integrate Afatechs driver into the
> linux dvb tree, which may later get integrated in official kernel as
> well. This makes hope - if the device doesn't work because of problems
> in the driver...

Is there something more broken that status (snr, ber, etc.) reporting? 
If yes, you can try my devel driver. It should work very well, but does 
not report those values too.



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