[linux-dvb] Equinux TubeStick (AF9015) working fine with Antti and Manu's driver

Antti Palosaari crope at iki.fi
Mon Dec 3 08:06:12 CET 2007

Thank you for reporting. Manu's driver is different one as used by you.

Tim Hewett wrote:
> The Equinux TubeStick (USB2 DVB-T device for MacOS X) work great with  
> the AF9015 patched drivers. I had to alter the second part of the USB  
> ID from 0x9016 to 0x9015 to make it be recognised, but after that it  
> is just fine. Thanks!

First AF9015 device that I have seen using 9015 as product id. I think 
9015 is reference design and 9016 is used in production device. It is 
easy to add new id.

> It is also able to record an entire multiplex, e.g. using the pseudo  
> PID of 8192 with dvbstream.

It does not implement PID-filtering (needed by USB1.1) currently. Also 
rather easy to implement.

> BTW the driver logs the device as AF9013 when it is detected, is that  
> right?

Yeah, thats as it does currently. AF9015 is USB-brige + demodulator + 
some other stuff integrated to one chip. There is also demodulator chip 
AF9013 sold separately. Therefore I isolated USB-driver stuff and 
demodulator driver code to own modules. Don't know if it is wise or not, 
or if it is better to name demodulator driver module like af901x-fe...

> One request: to have a way to shut the device down when the host no  
> longer needs it, e.g. when halting. The LED remains lit after power  
> down and it stays quite warm, I guess the hardware is still active.  
> This used to be a problem with the Mac software (called TheTube) but  
> recent updates have fixed it so that the device powers down when the  
> application is quit. It would be great to be able to add a line to the  
> halt scripts to have it powered down at that time, or maybe even power  
> the device down automatically when no application has it open any more.

This is also easy to implement, only few lines of code. Software 
poweroff demodulator when not active.


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