[linux-dvb] flexcop-pci , no diseq function ?

Mike mike at obelix.homelinux.net
Mon Dec 3 11:44:11 CET 2007

Hi !

I still have trouble with DiseqC on skystar2 card using b2c2-flexcop-pci
driver. No DiseqC or tone_burst works. The plain 22kHz signal is beeing
sent, so switching to the hi-band works. It seems that every message
sent out by the card isn't understood by the DiseqC switch. I assume the
message is sent out, but due to a timing problem the receiver , e.g.
switch, cannot detect it.

I'm using a recent version of cvs v4l-dvb software with kernel
. The card works fine within an windoze system, thus I assume, the
hardware and cabling are right.

Are there some suggenstions?

Thanks a lot


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