[linux-dvb] nobody using snd-usb-audio here, I am getting crazy.

Fredrik Olofsson frol at hupp.se
Mon Dec 3 16:13:21 CET 2007

On Monday, December 03, 2007 at 22:59:27 +0800, kevin liu wrote:
> Dear:
>     I want to use snd-usb-audio to drive my usb audio stream interface.
>     Just now, I got the correct tv program sound by accident using the driver.
>     I even don't know how I did that, but after I unplugged my tv card
>     and plugged
>     again, the driver doesn't work again
>     I am going crazy by Linux sound system.
>     Anybody give me any clue?
>     Thanks.


You didn't provide much information about what does not work. But here
are some things you might want to try:

$ aplay -l
And see which card number your tv-card has been assigned to. Replace
$CARDNUMBER with this number in the following.

$ alsamixer -c $CARDNUMBER
To make sure the volume isn't muted or anything like that.

$ aplay -D plughw:$CARDNUMBER anything.wav
Now you should hear anything.wav.

$ mplayer -ao alsa:device=plughw=$CARDNUMBER anything.avi
This is the way to make mplayer output to the USB soundcard.

Good luck

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