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Igor goga777 at bk.ru
Wed Dec 5 13:45:19 CET 2007


News 5 dec 2007

This is the final diseqc configuration for this driver.
See the img/ folder for screenshots of operation.

A kernel module parameter now exists named "toneburst". Previous
parameter named "desc" has been removed. One new option which
completely disables toneburst has been added.

The "toneburst" module parameter can have 1 of 3 values:

0: NEVER send tone burst
1: Cache tone burst or derive tone burst from command (default).
In some cases a diseqc message may need transmitting twice,
yet this is the preferred method.
2: Cache message and send with known toneburst.
This method sounds fine except when some applications omit
sending the burst when it is needed.

The above parameter is also exposed as a sysctl:

This can be set whilst the frontend is offline without reloading
the driver to determine what works best for you, eg.

sysctl kernel.cx24116.toneburst=0 
sysctl kernel.cx24116.toneburst=1
sysctl kernel.cx24116.toneburst=2

It should be understood that the cx24116 firmware can never
send a toneburst on it's own, it always has to be sent with
a DiSEqC message, else never at all (until proven otherwise).

Very old hvr3000+4000 patch has been removed, as has pilot.diff

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