[linux-dvb] linux-dvb Digest, Vol 35, Issue 16

Christian Hoffmann email at christianhoffmann.info
Sat Dec 8 21:07:33 CET 2007

> Hi Christian,
> it seems like you have broken usb controller hardware, search the
> em28xx mailinglist for crash and em28xx, someone also had the same
> problem earlier already I think!


thanks for the hint, and I am apparently running into exactly the same 
problem, as the "patch" on the em28xx list helped. 

    /* complete the unlinking of some qh [] */
    if (status & STS_IAA) {
        if (ehci->reclaim) {
            COUNT (ehci->stats.reclaim);
            ehci->reclaim_ready = 1;
            bh = 1;
        } else {
            printk(KERN_ERR "AUA: ehci reclaim NULL status: %u\n", status);

I see now in dmesg
AUA: ehci reclaim NULL status 32

But the DVB stick works. Thank you for the great work.

I will try to follow up in the usb-dev mailing list nevertheless.


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