[linux-dvb] offline descrambling of encrypted capture-files ?

Luc Brosens dvb at bsc-bvba.be
Tue Dec 11 20:36:25 CET 2007

Luc Brosens wrote:
> hi,
> my setup is two KNC1 TVSTATION cards, one of which has the CI-module attached and a paid for CAM in it
> I would like to be able to use the other card to store scrambled content on disk (easy) and descramble it afterwards using the CAM from the first card
> what command could accomplish this ?
> I've heard of cardsharing and softcams, but don't know what this means : if these would be a valid option, please point me to some info
> just to be clear : I am not interested in pirating content, I have a valid subscription and only wish to record multiple channels at the same time
> my current settop box, an Arion "AF9280 PVR" has the feature I'm looking for. It has two tuners, can record op two 4 channels at the same time, stores
> the recordings scrambled and descrambles at night
> but unfortunately, I'm addicted to MythTV ...
> thanks,
> Luc
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I sent a question to technical support at KNCOne.de, and they confirm the bad news that Manu Abraham gave me : the CAM/CI on the TV-Station DVB-S can
only be fed data from the tuner, not from a file.

Pondering my options, I see two of them :

(1) obtain a PCMCIA slot, and stuff my CAM in there. This may be the easiest route to take, as the CAM will still be there to do most of the work. I
would be loosing a PCI slot however, and the capability of using two tuners (anyone know of a PCI-Express based adapter card ?)

(2) get a smartcard programmer, connected serially or through USB, and port "poor man's cam". It looks like I wouldn't be able to use the CAM in this
scenario, and it would need to be emulated (which, as I understand it, is the bulk of "poor man's cam" coding).

are there more - easier - options ?
has either one of these been tried ?
anybody interested in starting a project for this ?

my ultimate goal is having a MythTV box handling multiple recordings, descrambling them afterwards
loosing live-TV would not be too big a problem, as I prefer to watch recorded stuff and skip the ads


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