[linux-dvb] hvr4000 patch for your multiproto tree

Holger Steinhaus hsteinhaus at gmx.de
Thu Dec 13 13:20:05 CET 2007

Hi  Gregoire,

> In case you missed the thread in linux-dvb ml, it's under
> http://dev.kewl.org/hvr4000/ (reading it is interesting) and the small
> patch against v4l-dvb :
> http://dev.kewl.org/hvr4000/v4l-dvb-hg-2007-12-06-FIX.diff
I just tried to reunite the old hvr4000-multiproto from this patch and Darrons 
current cx24116 frontend driver from http://dev.kewl.org/hauppauge vs. the 
current multiproto tree from http://jusst.de/hg/multiproto . The result of 
the patch attached below is a hvr4000 multiproto driver that is sufficent to 
run a multiproto-patched VDR 1.5.12 . DVB-S2 is not fully working yet, as the 
current v4ldvb-alike cx24116 needs some sysctl interaction to switch between 
DVB-S and S2. I'm currently not deep enough in the DVB topic to implement the 
sysctl things in the correct way, but I think the patch provides a nice 
skeletton for further experiments.

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