[linux-dvb] Pinnacle PCTV Sat HDTV Pro USB (452e) packet loss

John Goacher linuxdvb at johngoacher.co.uk
Fri Dec 14 16:48:19 CET 2007

Tony Grant wrote:

> Le vendredi 14 décembre 2007 à 13:49 +0000, John Goacher a écrit :
>> Your success with Das Erste prompted me to
>> temporarily re-align my dish (Sky minidish) to point to 19.2E to see if
>> I could duplicate your results. The good news is that I get a
>> perfect recording from Das Erste. I recorded about 15 minutes of data, 
>> then
>> ran it through TSReader Lite to check for errors. There were absolutely 
>> no
>> errors of any kind indicated ! I double checked this by viewing the
>> recording in DVBViewer Pro under XP.
>> This is interesting because the signal strength from Das Erste (as 
>> displayed
>> by DVBViewer Pro under Windows XP) is much lower than I'm getting from 
>> Astra
>> 28.2E (I'm based in the London area). Das Erste displays a signal 
>> strength
>> reading
>> of 41%, whereas the BBC channels at 28.2E (on which I'me seeing high 
>> error
>> rates)
>> show signal strengths of around 65%. I think this probably rules out 
>> signal
>> quality as
>> the issue, and suggests the problem is somehow related to the channel
>> parameters.
> I have issues with 28.2E compared to 19.2E and always have had. 19.2
> just works whereas 28.2 is much more finicky. Last week a big storm
> cloud over the Pyreneans blocked all signal for about 10 minutes - BBC2
> just stopped and it is one of the better signals. During thunder storms
> on 19.2 you have some artifacts but I have never lost the carrier.

Hi Tony,

I take your point, but the fact that I can receive the 28.2E channels 
perfectly with the PCTV under Windows XP, but not under linux (with the same 
hardware and feed), strongly suggests the problem is not signal quality. 
Similarly, the fact that I can receive Das Erste perfectly under linux, 
despite the signal from 19.2E being much weaker at my location, also 
suggests this.

>>> Note that during the BBC HD trial from Crystal Palace I was able to
>>> record this channel from a DVB-T adapter without packet loss even on
>>> the EPIA5000 (533 MHz Via Eden processor).
> That is nice. EPIA M10000 with BBC HD on DVB-S I get sound but no image.

I should emphasise, I only use the EPIA5000 for recording, not playback. I 
play the recordings back on another machine networked to the EPIA5000, or on 
a networked media player. The BBC HD programmes are encoded in H.264. To see 
the video you need an H.264 decoder and to get smooth playback you need a 
dual core system to do the decoding. I use the CoreAVC decoder and an AMD X2 
4600 based system.


> Cheers
> Tony
> -- 

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