[linux-dvb] New TV Tuner for solve BUG in saa7134 radio

Mirek Slugeň thunder.m at email.cz
Wed Dec 19 13:29:55 CET 2007

I would like to offer TV Tuner Lifeview FlyTV Trio (DVB-T, DVB-S, Analog 
TV, Analog FM) anyone who can solve BUG in saa7134 radio support.

I am using those tuners in one project for streaming DVB-T and analog FM 
together. If I am streaming only DVB-T everything works without 
problems, but when I try to stream FM radio strange things happens.

In dmesg it is "dsp access error", but there are other issues, like no 
sound from some cards (there are 3 cards in one PC), on every cold boot 
it differs (for example: first boot - radio tuner 1 works, second boot - 
radio tuner 3 works). I think the main problem is related to this issue: 

I am using actual git tree from linuxtv.org

I can give you root ssh access to the PC, or If you are from Czech 
Republic I can borrow you one card.

For my project I tried those cards:

     * Lifeview FlyDVB Trio - with problem above
     * Pinnacle PCTV Hybrid PRO PCI 310i - same problem like FlyDVB Trio
     * Leadtek WinFast DTV2000 H - there are some issues with DVB-T and 
radio is not supported yet
     * Hauppauge WinTV HVR1300 - radio is not supported yet

If you know about other TV hybrid tuner with working DVB-T and FM radio 
at the same time, please send me model name.

Mirek Slugen

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