[linux-dvb] Start thinking about potential Google Summer of Code Projects we could run

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Wed Dec 19 17:26:35 CET 2007

Hi folks,

Google summer of code will be rolling around in a couple of months.  Now
I know we've talked a little bit about it before, but I don't recall
what the thoughts on it were.  In any regard, on the surface of things,
it would seem a perfect opportunity for the LinuxTV Project to leverage
-- i.e. enslave a few students to get some desperately needed tasks,
components, apps, drivers or whatever done.  Side benefit -- it might
hopefully attact a few more developers to the project too -- get some
new blood, stir up the pot, chase after nagging/long-time bugs etc, etc.

So, I suggest we start thinking about or, better yet, discussing
ideas/projects for which we could make use of the GSOC.

(I, of course, was kidding about the enslavement part)

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