[linux-dvb] Start thinking about potential Google Summer of Code Projects we could run

Hans Verkuil hverkuil at xs4all.nl
Wed Dec 19 17:36:09 CET 2007

On Wednesday 19 December 2007 17:26:35 CityK wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Google summer of code will be rolling around in a couple of months. 
> Now I know we've talked a little bit about it before, but I don't
> recall what the thoughts on it were.  In any regard, on the surface
> of things, it would seem a perfect opportunity for the LinuxTV
> Project to leverage -- i.e. enslave a few students to get some
> desperately needed tasks, components, apps, drivers or whatever done.
>  Side benefit -- it might hopefully attact a few more developers to
> the project too -- get some new blood, stir up the pot, chase after
> nagging/long-time bugs etc, etc.
> So, I suggest we start thinking about or, better yet, discussing
> ideas/projects for which we could make use of the GSOC.
> (I, of course, was kidding about the enslavement part)

I think that this might be an ideal opportunity to develop a v4l2 
library that can be used by applications to access v4l devices. 
Something like that is sorely missing and nobody has the time to really 
work on it. I've always thought that this is a good project for 
something like GSOC.



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