[linux-dvb] New TV Tuner for solve BUG in saa7134 radio

hermann pitton hermann-pitton at arcor.de
Thu Dec 20 01:10:54 CET 2007

Am Mittwoch, den 19.12.2007, 20:27 +0100 schrieb Paolo Gramaglia:
> The desktop with Asus Hybrid7131P is a AMD64 with main-board asus A8V
> deluxe.
> It is not a 32 bit system. 
> All compiled software on that desktop, 64bit , kernels, kaffeine,
> mythtv(but this need channels.conf), 
> ecc.. work fine. The Linux version is Slamd64, the same as Slackware
> 12, but for 64 bit systems.
> Excusme for the mistake
> Best Regards 
> Paolo

> 2007/12/19, Paolo Gramaglia < cle.paolo at gmail.com>:
>         Hi,
>         you are lucky guy! 
>         I have asus my cinema hybridP7131,DVB/analog, with
>         saa7133/7135 and radio FM.
>         I have just installed winzoz(XPwithSP2) for try if the board
>         work on it, and work fine! :(
>         On my distro, Slackware 12, with kernel all modules
>         works, I see the device,
>         I have tryed to compile it statically in the kernel too, after
>         I have follow the how to wiki and more ... 
>         But kaffeine say me:
>         Not able to lock to the signal on the given frequency.
>         The only program that works, for now, is xdtv, but with it the
>         quality is very very poor and only 2/3
>         max 6 station are the result of the scan as "unknow station
>         n.xx" :(
>         Another thing, perhaps inportant: I have a dvb-t on my
>         notebook too. Same kernel, same Slackware 12, 
>         on my notebook work fine(it is a Yuan DVB-T).
>         Why with linux video and kaffeine if I scan I get only 6
>         station(before, one time, was a lot..) but if I scan
>         with windows I get 63 dvb-t channels! Why?? :-(
>         This evening I try with mercurial v4l and dvb scan tool ...At
>         home I not have Internet ...for this, is a neverending 
>         story for me .. 
>         Any help is appreciated, however my English is bad, this is my
>         very problem. 
>         Many thanks to all for your jobs and Merry Christmas and happy
>         new year to all! :-)
>         Best Regards
>         Paolo



please open a new thread for this and don't high jack Mireks issues by
top-posting on it.

For what I can test, I seem not to be able to reproduce it.

Maybe my English is too bad too, but what exactly you are having
troubles now left with?

To be honest, I don't get your report.

Mirek, beside other stuff, I have three triple capable devices in one
machine currently too, I don't claim that I'm through and none of them
has radio.

But, since you ask for _hybrid_ tuner stuff which supports DVB and radio
at once, at least _that_ is some sort of brain damage you should
definitely stay away from, it will never happen.

The TRIO should be capable to do it, since it has _three_ tuners on
different addresses and behind different i2c bridges, the DVB-S one, the
DVB-T one and the analog TV/radio one.

With three such cards I could imagine to crumble about something, but I
would not start with the analog radio.

However, you might or might not have a good point.


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