[linux-dvb] Hauppage Nova TD with diversity technology

Paolo Gramaglia cle.paolo at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 11:47:23 CET 2007

Hi all,

in this days I have changed six(6) dvb-t board.Exactly these:

asus mycinema pro Hybrid 7131P
Pinnacle hybrid pro 310i pci (have the same chip 7133 as the asus mycinema
Hauppage wintv nova-td stick with diversity technology (this scans return
many channels, but is impossible to look it)
WinTV hauppage HVR 1100(with this board, I have see one channel previously
scanned by the nova-td stick. However
after I have re-scanned the frequency with this board and kaffeine, the
problem: "Not able to lock the signal on the given
frequency" remain. With Mplayer have the same problem. In addition, scans
with this board return only six dvb-t channels)
Pinnacle dual dvb-t pci pro 2000i (which is not supported, october 2006 mesg
on wiki, however I have tryed this board too.
Only lspci can see this board as Royal TS function 1, RoyalTS function 2 and
Royal TS function 3)

None of these seem to work with kernel and I have tryed
v4l from mercurial too.

### (Ok, you can smile now! :) ###

I have tryed on 3 pc: one P4 2GHz, one Notebook hp dv9095 2 dual core,
and one Atlhon AMD 64 BIT.
All have Linux slackware 12 and all have kernel now.
I'm sure that these "problems" are temporarily, probably soon will be fixed.

Tested with the follow application: dvbscan, kaffeine, mplayer, myth.

The problem is the same in all the case:

Not able to lock signal on given frequency (it is not caused by a strenght
signal, on winzoz
all these board scans and get the list of channel and I can view the dvb-t

With the pinnacle hybrid pro 310i pci, I have a problem when try to read the
eprom. At boot
it report: unable to read eeprom(err=-5)

Instead, my card express on the laptop is a Yuan with dib300P M/C chip and
work well,
but the scans return only 6 channels. One time, with old kernels, return
many channels, 63.
This is an another question: why?

I not a developer but I know your hard work; today I re-go to the shop and
return the sixth pci card(pinnacle dual dvb-t pro pci) and re-buy Hauppage
Nova TD with diversity technology. Why? Because none of these 6 board
work on my pc's but the nova-td seem to be the best as sensibility, for
me ..(I have installed windows too on a partition for test this six board).

But the nova-td diversity have the follow problem with kernel
addition, I have
read on internet: "common and unrisolved problem"):
[   18.572000] FIXME:em28xx_i2c_send_bytes(1e): write failed:
[   18.572000] ===============================
[   18.572000] 7f
[   18.572000] ================================
[   18.572000] mt352_read_register: readreg error (reg=127, ret==-19)
[   18.572000] em2880-dvb.c: no luck with mt352 demodulator, not attaching
[   18.572000] em2880-dvb.c: DVB-T demodulator not reachable, did you try
"modprobe em28xx device_mode=1"
[   18.572000] Em28xx: Initialized (Em2880 DVB Extension) extension


I have tryed with "modprobe em28xx device_mode=1" too, without lucky :(

Will be fixed in future?

Please, I'm very sorry for my bad bad English. I hope you understand at
least 2/3 of this e-mail.

p.s. when I try to make dvsbcan from mercurial on AMD Athlon X86_64 arch,
return an error regard .."__u32.
       Not remember all the string of the error. This happen on pc at my
home. But at my home I not have Internet.
       On my other two X86(32bit) pc's, make work correctly and compile it
well, without errors. However,
       I have downloaded an old version of dvbscan .rpm, make-ed it in .tgz
and installed, this work.

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