[linux-dvb] Why dvb-pll.c

Steven Toth stoth at linuxtv.org
Tue Dec 25 16:04:40 CET 2007

kevin liu wrote:
> Dear linux-dvb:
>     Not long before, I added microtuen mt2131 tuner to Linux kernel 
> 2.6.20 which is the standard kernel of my Ubuntu feisty.
> But these days, I installed Ubuntu gutsy which uses kernel 2.6.22. And I 
> compiled mt2131 kernel module, however, I can't
> tune any channel anymore.
>     I looked into kernel 2.6.22, and I found a new dvb tuner 
> architecture is adapted in the new kernel, I just find it
> becomes inconvenient for us to add new tuner to Linux dvb. This new 
> architecture seems put all jobs into dvb-pll.c, but why,
> I think every tuner has its own configuration method, why we need 
> dvb-pll.c to pursue all the configuration jobs?
>     Any explanation is highly appreciated.

The mt2131 driver is working completely reliably for me, with the last 
three ubuntu's last three major releases.

Every tune (incuding the mt2131) has it's onwn attach struct, so what 
exactly is causing such a problem for you?

(Unrelated: Are you planning to make public any new Linux code anytime 
soon? I hear you were working on Linux drivers for silicon that is not 
supported by linuxtv.org drivers yet. Auvitek or others perhaps?)

- Steve

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