[linux-dvb] Why dvb-pll.c

kevin liu lwtbenben at gmail.com
Tue Dec 25 17:17:17 CET 2007

I have made mt2131 tuner work correctly using your mt2131 tuner driver.
And I am working on Linux driver of one auvitek television card.
But the driver still has a long way to go.
So the code may be made public when all the issues being solved.
Thanks and best regards.

> The mt2131 driver is working completely reliably for me, with the last
> three ubuntu's last three major releases.
> Every tune (incuding the mt2131) has it's onwn attach struct, so what
> exactly is causing such a problem for you?
> (Unrelated: Are you planning to make public any new Linux code anytime
> soon? I hear you were working on Linux drivers for silicon that is not
> supported by linuxtv.org drivers yet. Auvitek or others perhaps?)

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