[linux-dvb] Unknown symbols - known in kallsyms

Ben Backx ben at bbackx.com
Wed Dec 26 13:54:04 CET 2007

Hi everybody,


I'm getting closer to a working driver, but I'm not there yet. The errors
are getting stranger though :-)

First of all, when I make my module, I'm getting the following warnings:


WARNING: "ieee1394_bus_type" [/file-location/driver.ko] undefined!

WARNING: "hpsb_send_packet_and_wait" [/file-location/driver.ko] undefined!

WARNING: "dvb_usercopy" [/file-location/driver.ko] undefined!


Just warnings, no errors.

Now, when I try to insmod driver.ko, I'm getting the following errors in


driver: Unknown symbol dvb_usercopy

driver: Unknown symbol hpsb_send_packet_and_wait

driver: Unknown symbol ieee1394_bus_type

driver: disagrees about version of symbol dvb_unregister_frontend

driver: Unknown symbol dvb_unregister_frontend

driver: disagrees about version of symbol dvb_register_frontend

driver: Unknown symbol dvb_register_frontend

The first 3 errors are to be expected when you see the warnings in the
make-process, the last 4 are new.

But I don't get why I get those errors... When I look in /proc/kallsyms,
those functions exist:


$ cat /proc/kallsyms | grep dvb_usercopy

f8de4080 t dvb_usercopy [dvb_core]

$ cat /proc/kallsyms | grep ieee1394_bus_type

f88eb420 d ieee1394_bus_type    [ieee1394]

$ cat /proc/kallsyms | grep hpsb_send_packet_and_wait

f88d6600 t hpsb_send_packet_and_wait    [ieee1394]


$ cat /proc/kallsyms | grep dvb_unregister_frontend

f8df0814 r __ksymtab_dvb_unregister_frontend    [dvb_core]

f8df0bdc r __kstrtab_dvb_unregister_frontend    [dvb_core]

f8df08f0 r __kcrctab_dvb_unregister_frontend    [dvb_core]

f8dea540 T dvb_unregister_frontend      [dvb_core]

6bc0e425 a __crc_dvb_unregister_frontend        [dvb_core]


$ cat /proc/kallsyms | grep dvb_register_frontend

f8df081c r __ksymtab_dvb_register_frontend      [dvb_core]

f8df0bf4 r __kstrtab_dvb_register_frontend      [dvb_core]

f8df08f4 r __kcrctab_dvb_register_frontend      [dvb_core]

1f556d1c a __crc_dvb_register_frontend  [dvb_core]

f8dead60 T dvb_register_frontend        [dvb_core]


I hope there's someone who can help me out, because I don't know what I'm
doing wrong :-(



Greetings (and happy holidays),


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