[linux-dvb] Some problems with TT S2-3200

Artem Makhutov artem at makhutov.org
Wed Dec 26 21:34:52 CET 2007


On Wed, Dec 26, 2007 at 09:27:45PM +0100, Marco Coli wrote:
> Hello and Happy Holydays to everyone.
> I think I am missing something. In my system I have a working DVB TT 
> Card with CI. Now I added a S2-3200.
> So i compiled and installed succesfully the new multiproto experimental 
> drivers.
> After this, I modprobed stb0899 module (I understand is is the right 
> module for the card). But the module loads but seems to be not used
> # lsmod|grep stb
> stb0899                41728  0

You need to load some more mudules.

Please do:

modprobe stb6100
modprobe stb0899
modprobe lnbp21
modprobe budget-ci

Regards, Artem

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