[linux-dvb] WinTV-CI from Hauppauge

Luc Brosens dvb at bsc-bvba.be
Thu Dec 27 09:44:21 CET 2007

Steven Toth wrote:
> Manu Abraham wrote:
>> Steven Toth wrote:
>>> Manu Abraham wrote:
>>>> Steven Toth wrote:
>>>>> Luc Brosens wrote:
>>>>>> all,
>>>>>> so I got the WinTV-CI from Hauppauge.  Nice little thing, powered
>>>>>> through the USB(2)-port.
>>>>>> On the box, is says "Common-Interface extension over USB".
>>>>> Cool.
>>>>>> There's software with it, but of course only XP and Vista... which
>>>>>> are out of the question ;-)
>>>>>> I'm contacting Hauppauge's tech support for specs, let's hope
>>>>>> they're responsive.
>>>>> They won't be able to help, I can - but not for a few weeks.
>>>>> I'm expecting to release public USB protocol information during Jan
>>>>> 08 which would allow a GPL driver to be written. Right now I have
>>>>> nothing to give you.
>>>>> If you feel adventurous, feel free to start now by reverse
>>>>> engineering the protocol with a windows software USB sniffer, it
>>>>> won't be wasted work. The device is Cypress FX2 based (which Linux
>>>>> has lots of examples for) and it loads custom firmware (which Linux
>>>>> has lots of examples of) apart from that I think the protocol is very
>>>>> simple.
>>>>> How to integrate it with the kernel s/w demux would be an interesting
>>>>> debate.
>>>> In fact, you might not even need the swdemux at all, as the CA stack
>>>> is all in userspace, not in kernel. All you would most probably need
>>>> is an interface to read/write a TS to the USB interface. Maybe easier
>>>> would be to read the TS off the dvr device, parse the TS and write the
>>>> entire TS into a libusb interface
>>>> or similar.
>>> That would work, but it's kind of a hack. Why not have a mechanism for
>>> routing content directly into a cam and back into the s/w demux as
>>> required?
>> Although sounds nice to hear, In kernel copying in a TS to "another"
>> device might be like shooting oneself in the foot.
> I'd settle for seeing a working solution under Linux, however it
> happens. I suspect whoever takes the docs and builds something will most
> likely get traction with their ideas. With GPL drivers it can evolved
> over time.
> Getting the docs out, rather than worrying about implementation, is
> higher on my priority list.
> Gathering feedback from the apps devs is just as important (IMHO).
> - Steve

glad to see this topic is gathering so much interest !

progress :
installed XP Professional, usbsnoop and the Hauppauge drivers
so now I can capture the data and commands going to and from the WinTV-CI
first capture I made seemed OK, not easy to find meaning in it, though. The expected docs will solve that mystery.
the driver complained it couldn't find a supported DVB-card (there's currently only a KNCOne TV-Station in there),
so I ordered a WinTV-NOVA S Plus, and will be able to capture the full range of commands/data shortly

plans :
write a minimalist device driver, manage firmware, and expose a basic interface through /dev/something
write a userspace commandline utility that uses this device to descramble recordings from a DVB-S card (disk -> WinTV-CI -> disk)
(this would get me the functionality of my Arion AF-9280PVR settop box that records up to 4 scrambled streams and decodes afterwards)
get MythTV to use the utility as a postprocessing task, and multi-card, multi-stream recording of payTV is possible

getting a supported DVB-S card and the WinTV-CI to work seamlessly together would be the ultimate goal, how best to do this is for the moment unclear
to me

comments and suggestions welcome, as always


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