[linux-dvb] Questions about setting up a Pinnacle PCTV HD Card (800i)

Muppet Man muppetman4662 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 29 15:16:24 CET 2007

Greetings all,
I recently switched from Windows to linux and I am currently running kubuntu 7.10.  I received a Pinnacle PCTV HD Card (800i) pci card from my family, and I am having some trouble getting linux to recognizing this card.  I was hoping to use myth tv to record some shows, but because I am rather new to the linux operating system, I thought I would subscribe to the mailing list on myth tv in order to get some help with this card.

Here's what I did so far, and my results.

I downloaded, extracted, sudo make, sudo make install, and sudo make menuconfig this file


per the advice of people on the myth tv mailing list.  I believe myth tv sees the card, but when I scan for channels, nothing comes up (I am doing over the air broadcasting).  I guess my questions are several fold.
1)  How do I know linux found my card and that it's operating correctly besides being able to see TV on my screen?
2)  I'm to the point now that I really don't care if I record TV shows (mostly it was football) but I want to be able to watch TV on my system, would Kaffeine be better for this?  I read somewhere that kaffeine was a lot easier to set up than myth tv.
3)  If I get one program to work with the pci card (kaffeine, myth tv, ect) would I be able to use the other programs to watch shows?

Forgive all my questions, I am rather new to linux, but I feel a fast learner.


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