[linux-dvb] firmware xc3028-v27.fw ?

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On Dec 29, 2007 9:08 PM,  <cromworshipper-linuxdvb at yahoo.com> wrote:
> xc2028 2-0061: Error: firmware xc3028-v27.fw not found
> Is that for the 1800 card?   I haven't been able to find that
> Would that be extracted from the driver CD?  I might have tossed it

As Steven pointed out, the xc3028-v27.fw is for the HVR-950.  I had
the same issue a few weeks ago trying to generate the firmware file
using the various tools in the source tree (see thread "[PATCH]
tuner-xc2028.c firmware loading panic" from Dec 9th for more info).
Mauro was nice enough to email it to me out-of-band.

I don't get that error message any more.  I think I did something wrong with manually loading the modules.  I rebooted (and set debug=1 on a bunch of modules in /etc/modprobe.d) and now get only 

tuner' 5-0061: tuner type not set

and I don't know what that means or how to fix it.  

That said, I'm not sure how he would feel about me redistributing it.

With the firmware he sent, analog support for the HVR-950 appeared to
work, albeit with no audio (I'm not sure if the problem is the driver
or something else in my system yet).

Are you compiling the mainline v4l-dvb tree?  Does audio still not work for you?

Devin J. Heitmueller
AIM: devinheitmueller

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