[linux-dvb] pcHDTV5500 cx88-dvb module issue / possible bug

Mr Greg Bazar gregbazar at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 30 21:54:55 CET 2007

Hi all.

I spent a few hours with mkrufky in the #linuxtv IRC last night
 troubleshooting a problem I am having with my DVB card (pcHDTV 5500).

Mkrufky suggested that I e-mail this group after we didn't come up with
 anything that made sense.

Basically, the card is detected, as seen in dmesg, and the module tries
 to load, but I don't get a /dev/dvb device.  If I modprobe the
 cx88-dvb module manually, I get a FATAL error, saying the device is not found.

Mkrufky had me build the latest drivers from the mercurial source tree,
 and that didn't help (hg heads = changeset: 6937:f637ac5a5898)

The analog side of the card works fine.

I am running a Mythbuntu 7.10 iso install with the latest apt updates
 applied.  This card was working yesterday on my Ubuntu 6.06 install with
 Myth, and I did a clean install of the Mythbuntu setup.

My output from the build of the new modules + the resulting reboot and
 dmesg is here: http://pastebin.ca/838697

Any help would be appreciated.  I am wondering if it is something with
 UDEV etc, but I don't know enough about those systems to be anything
 other than dangerous.


MrYutz / Greg

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