[linux-dvb] 80th Attempt at Kworld ATSC110 IR Remote Patch - Please Review

Bryan Bueter bryan at bueterfamily.org
Fri Feb 2 17:58:04 CET 2007

Dwaine Garden wrote:
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I've applied this patch to, and 2.6.20-rc6, both appear to work
as advertised.  I now can use my ir remote as a kbd input device.  However
your patch did not cleanly apply to any kernel tree I had, fyi.

One potential issue i see is that before the patch, my alsa cards would be
assigned in this order:  card 0 = via82xx, card 1 = saa7134-alsa. 
However, after applying the patch to both 2.6.17 and 2.6.20 they are now
assigned in this order: card 0 = saa7134-alsa, card 1 = via82xx.

I'm not sure if my initrd images are the problem or not, I've made alot of
changes on to this box.  But if need be i can go back and test an
unpatched kernel without the aliases and see what order they are assigned.
 Let me know.

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