[linux-dvb] Re: Re: Avermedia Hybrid+FM USB2.0

Michel Ludwig michel.ludwig at kdemail.net
Sat Feb 3 12:32:38 CET 2007

On Sat 03 Feb 2007 10:47, Pigeon wrote:
>     Now that you mentioned it worked for the DVB-T part. Is there any
> chance I could use the composite/s-video in part of the device at the
> moment?

No, sorry, not in Linux at the moment. 

Anyway, I'll definitely try to get the analog video functions working (at 
least) for my stick.

But does your device claim to have any DVB-T features at all ? (at least it 
should, guessing from the chips that are present)

How are the files called that come with the Windows driver ?

> > But what is your device supposed to do differently from a small USB
> > device, e.g. the Freecom DVB-T & Analog TV stick ?
>     Hmm, I don't know, is there?  Is there any info I could try getting
> from the device? I have only used DVB PCI cards and USB DVB is pretty
> new to me.

Well, my stick doesn't have this composite / s-video stuff. So, I guess this 
is unique to yours. Could you tell me more about that feature ? What is it 
good for ? Maybe just for digitizing from those input ports ?

>     I also briefly tried a usb snooping utils on windows but the output
> doesn't mean too much to me being not an usb expert.

Ok, I'll come back on that.



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