[linux-dvb] Videomate DVB-T300

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Sat Feb 3 22:52:51 CET 2007


Vaughan Famularo schrieb:
> Hi everyone.
> I am new to this list and this is my first post. I am really hoping that
> some of you may be able to help me get this new DVB card working
> correctly. It is a Videomate DVB-T300.
> I am using PClinuxOS and the 2.6-16 kernel.
> I have spent hours reading the archives and around the net but it has'nt
> got me very far.
> I am hoping that someone can help me understand how to get it working
> for real use within Mythtv or at least within Xawtv so I can take it
> from there.
> PClinuxOS is similar to Mandriva if you are unaware of the distro.
> Well, within the Control Centre of Pclos the DVB-T300 is recognised and
> has modules noted.
> But if I load them manually or not I cannot get the card to work in Mythtv.
> I am unsure whether I should set it up as 2 seperate cards, one Digital
> and one Analogue because of the cards inability to play analogue and
> Digital signals at the same time.
> Can someone answer that one for me??????????
> I'll leave it at this point just in case this is the wrong forum or I am
> expecting too much from my first post OK!!??
> Thanks for any help. It is MUCH appreciated!
> Graham
THis card is supported for quite a while now, but it was broken for a
some time. I would recommend to get the recent version of the driver
from www.linuxtv.org, either the official code or from my personal
repository http://linuxtv.org/hg/~hhackmann/v4l-dvb
you should load the driver in 2 steps:
modprobe saa7134
modprobe saa7134-dvb if you wish dvb-t support

There is one known problem with mythtv: you can not use dvb-t and
analog parallel, not even CVBS. This is something to be fixed later.

Good luck

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