[linux-dvb] Kernel panic with ifconfig down, Please help.

daniel garcia daniarnedo at yahoo.es
Mon Feb 5 18:52:40 CET 2007


I wrote a message last week, about a kernel Panic with 2.4.21-40ELsmp

I have observed that kernel non smp of the same distro behaves quite better (at the end it freezes when I delete dvb modules some times)

Perhaps I did not explained myself very well, I'm using the skystar 2 (rev 2.6) as a network device to receive tcp packets of a satellite dvb-s data trasponder. Dvbtune0-5 is used to create interfaces dvb0_0 and so on.

My friend and I, we are trying to follow the 1.1.1 driver code, to see if some "race condition" could be the problem for my PentiumD failure as with non multi processor kernel it allow us insert and delete the driver some more times.

PLEASE, if someone could give us some hint or tell about any similar experience, It would be fine, we are almost lost.

Please, give a hand.
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