[linux-dvb] Kernel panic with ifconfig down, Please help.

daniel garcia daniarnedo at yahoo.es
Mon Feb 5 19:21:46 CET 2007

I wish I could, but the program I use to my investigation (the one I feed 
with dvb data) needs kernel 2.4, I just could try with 2.4.34 but not 2.6.
I thought that perhaps someone had some idea about any patch to solve the 
problem. In fact, I found a patch in the mailing list for 64bit cpus,(a type 
in a function) but it does not change anything).

I know, you don't understand people like me, using and old kernel, but 
belive it or not, sometimes you don't have other chance.

thanks for your Help Uwe.

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>> Hello,
>> I wrote a message last week, about a kernel Panic with 2.4.21-40ELsmp
>> I have observed that kernel non smp of the same distro behaves quite
>> better (at the end it freezes when I delete dvb modules some times)
>> Perhaps I did not explained myself very well, I'm using the skystar 2 
>> (rev
>> 2.6) as a network device to receive tcp packets of a satellite dvb-s data
>> trasponder. Dvbtune0-5 is used to create interfaces dvb0_0 and so on.
>> My friend and I, we are trying to follow the 1.1.1 driver code, to see if
>> some "race condition" could be the problem for my PentiumD failure as 
>> with
>> non multi processor kernel it allow us insert and delete the driver some
>> more times.
>> PLEASE, if someone could give us some hint or tell about any similar
>> experience, It would be fine, we are almost lost.
>> Please, give a hand.
> Hi,
> I would recommend to retry again with either latest 2.6.20 kernel,
> OR: if you still prefer the 2.4 kernel just download the latest one, 
> should be 2.4.34. Then retry, and then remail please!
> Hope I could help you a bit!
> Cheers
> Uwe
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