[linux-dvb] Kernel panic with ifconfig down, Please help.

daniel garcia daniarnedo at yahoo.es
Wed Feb 7 08:59:52 CET 2007

Hello, Just to tell I'm using a T-systems trasponder to receive images from 
Meteosat via EUMETCast.
I'm afraid I'm not so clever to steal Satellite TV as timecop thought.

Thanks Oliver, I'm now looking for this 1.62 code.

Best regards and thanks for all the help.

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>> > Perhaps I did not explained myself very well, I'm using the skystar 2 
>> > (rev 2.6) as a network
>> device to receive tcp packets of a satellite dvb-s data trasponder. 
>> Dvbtune0-5 is used to
>> create interfaces dvb0_0 and so on.
> Perhaps you mean you're attempting to steal internet over satellite
> signal, in which case you're better off with Windows, as tools for
> DVB-IP are much, much more advanced on that platform.
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