[linux-dvb] LITE-ON USB2.0 DVB-T on 2.6.19 works!

Renzo Talamonti rtdvbita at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 17:17:47 CET 2007

Hi to everyone,
I was able to make working my LITE-ON USB2.0 DVB-T (maybe is possible also
to make works all clones of this dvb-t pen) on kernel 2.6.19 as it works on
It was possible just "hacking" a file and exactly dvb-usb-dvb.c (in dvb-usb)
and inserting before line /* re-assign sleep and wakeup functions */
(exactly at line 177) an msleep(1000);.
With this is msleep is possible to make LITE-ON USB2.0 DVB-T work also under
2.6.19 kernel, without reading always no frontend...

Now a question to everyone...
Was someone able to make work Nova-t-stick?? I'm going mad!

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